ImgBurn settings (options not show user defaults) Options Tab File System: ISO9660 + Joliet Recurse Subdirectories Include Hidden Files Include System Files Labels Tab ISO9660: MYCDLABEL Joilet: My CD Label Advanced Tab Restrictions Tab ISO9660 Tab Folder/File Name Length: Level 1 - 11 Characters, 8.3 Format Character Set: Standard Allow More Than 8 Directory Levels Allow More Than 255 Characters in Path Allow Files Without Extensions Don't Add ";1" Version Number to Files Joliet Tab Folder/File Name Length: Level 1 - 64 Characters Allow Files Without Externsions Bootable Disc Tab Make Image Bootable Emulation Type: None (custom) Boot image: "points to isolinux\isolinux.bin in the folder to be burn't" load segment: 07C0 Sector to load: 4 Patch Boot Information Table